The Documentary
Inspirational stories from world-renowned Yogis on how the practice of Yoga transformed their lives

"Acting in concert with our divine purpose in life is our Dharma.
Our journey is understanding it and living it fully".

My Dharma is a collaboraton between Italian Yogi and filmmaker Alessandro Sigismondi and Australian Yoga brand Dharma Bums.
See the inspiring stories of Yogis from around the world and hear of how the practice of Yoga transforms lives.



Alessandro travelled to London, Dubai and Mysore, India to film these Yogis and hear their inspirational stories.
Trailer 2
Aline Fernandes
Yogi and Model - Brazil
Deepika Mehta
Yogi - Inida
Hayley Cutler
Kundalini Yogi - U.K.
Meghan Currie
Yogi - Canada
Kino MacGRegor
Yogi - U.S.A.
Laruga Glaser
Yogi - U.S.A. / Sweden

Dharma Bums is an Australian Yoga and Activewear brand founded by Yoga Teacher and fashion designer Debbie Lawson.

Born out of a desire to provide ethically made yoga wear that is in line with the tenants of Yoga and which doesn't hinder the Dharma of others, it is passionate about giving people the choice to shop consciously

Alessandro Sigismondi

Alessandro Sigismondi is an Italian photographer / videomaker, Yoga practitioner and KPJAYI authorised Ashtanga Yoga teacher.

In 2013 he quit his job in advertising and started to travel with his family, practicing Yoga and meeting inspiring Yoga teachers.

This film is the result of his travels.

The Yogis