About My Dharma

Acting in concert with our divine purpose in life is our Dharma.
Our journey is understanding it and living it fully.

Debbie Lawson, co-founder of Dharma Bums, explains why "My Dharma - The Documentary" was made

8 years ago I was a tired and exhausted fashion exec. 15 years of working for big corporations in stressful conditions and flying across the world every few months was beginning to show in both my mental and physical health. I never had any time for anything. My relationships and health were suffering. I was questioning in some depth what I was doing and where I was going but felt lost as to how to make the situation better.

It was at critical point Yoga made its first appearance in my life. I had not planned this. I stumbled across a small studio whilst out for a walk. I had nothing better to do so ventured in. The first class was not earth-shattering but it did draw me in enough for me to come back a second and a third time. By then the magic of Yoga has begun to caste its spell.

In the years that followed I became a Yoga teacher and Dharma Bums was born. I credit my practice with both these things. It gave me the space to grow and change; it gave me the clarity to see what I had to let go of and the courage to start again. The journey was, and continues to be, transformative for me.

In my subsequent journey as a Yoga teacher I met many students and, although our background stories were different, the process of transformation was a common one. People’s lives, relationships and health were improved. And the best thing? Anyone can do this. The magic is there for everyone to explore no matter what your age, gender, culture or the background you are from. I felt it was important to share the message of Yoga with as many people as possible and I did this through my Yoga teaching but was at a loss as to how to reach a wider audience.

Alessandro Sigmondi, the talented filmmaker, approached us initially about doing some promotional videos. We sat and brainstormed with him about what this would look like. Alessandro is himself dedicated yogi with a similar transformational story and thus it evolved very naturally to a place where we both wanted to do more than a promotional video. We wanted to reach and inspire as any people to get on the mat and try this thing called “yoga”, and experience its magic.

Over the following 6 months Alessandro travelled to London, Dubai and finally to India where he filmed, photographed and interviewed Yogis from different Yoga traditions. They practiced Asana on camera and shared their personal stories of how Yoga had come in to their lives, what it meant to them and how it transformed them for the better.

This documentary - My Dharma - is the fruit of this collaboration and the realistion of a shared desire to help spread message and power of Yoga. We hope you are as inspired by the film as we are.

Debbie Lawson