Teacher Trailers

Acting in concert with our divine purpose in life is our Dharma.
Our journey is understanding it and living it fully.

Teacher Trailers

Alessandro travelled to London, Dubai and Mysore, India to film these Yogis and hear their inspirational stories.

Full Length Teacher Videos being released every week

Aline Fernandes
Yogi and Model - Brazil
Deepika Mehta
Yogi - Inida
Hayley Cutler
Kundalini Yogi - U.K.
Jessica Olie
Yogi - Dubai
Kino MacGRegor
Yogi - U.S.A.
Laruga Glaser
Yogi - U.S.A. / Sweden
Lisa Lottie
Yogi and Hula Hooper - Natherlands
Liz Huntly & Roland Jensch
Yogis - Canada / Germany
Meghan Currie
Yogi - Canada
Radha Rajani
Alessandro Sigismondi
Yogi and Filmaker - Italy